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A Versatile Light and Color Meter

The Illuminati Meter brings affordable, wireless light and color measurement to your smartphone. Get the optimal color balance for your still or video imaging projects, balance different light sources in the same scene - including strobes – using the built-in filter libraries. It's also right at home in industrial lighting situations when you need to measure and evaluate existing lighting. Measure exposure, color temperature, lux, foot-candles, CIE xy - all on your  iPhone or Android phone. Works up to 80 feet away and uses two AAA batteries. 

  • exposure and color temperature of ambient light and strobe (with or without a wired connection) simultaneously
  • get the exposure correct before you press the shutter - eliminate blown highlights and plugged shadows
  • easily color balance the lights in your scene: strobe to ambient, practicals to main light, and more!
  • pick the color correction gel the first time with our library of over 400 filters from Rosco, and Lee Filters
  • small, lightweight, portable - mounts anywhere
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  • IM150 Wireless Light and Color Meter
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